Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Project Darkroom

Chaz and I are trying to put together a darkroom in what is now a laundry room located in a space outside the house. It's a small space but it should do the trick nicely once we clean it up a bit, add a sink and make it light proof. Here's what it looks like now...

The enlarger will live on top of the washing machine and yup, that's a toilet!

I inherited this enlarger from my aunt. Never used, very nice.

A sink will go here. Again, the toilet. Not sure what's going to happen to that thing. I think it should go since it takes up a ton of much needed space.

Shelves for storage...chemicals, trays and whatnots.

Space under the shelves for possibly a small table to put trays of chemicals when printing.

Need to get rid of any kind of nature trying to grow inside and put a safe light in either here or a separate device.

Well, we'll see how it goes. I'll post the end results whenever we finish. It'll be nice to have a place nearby I can work in. Hopefully it will keep me motivated. Ever since school ended I've been having a hard time getting motivated since I no longer have a fully equipped darkroom I can just go to whenever I please. Just the thought of having my own darkroom has already sparked some ideas of new work I want to get started on. It's great.


Kennedy said...

so impressive! i think its so great that you're motivated enough to do that, it'll be nice to have a spot to develop so close too. ps: thanks so much about the new layout of my blog! im pretty siked on it too <3

nina said...

you're welcome and, thanks!


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