Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Masao Yamamoto

On this rainy afternoon I find myself staring at my computer screen searching for the right words to start my artist's statement. I'm hoping these magical words will kick start the 140 or so words that need to follow to complete my statement. My mind is blank. This cannot be a good sign. So, I've turned to the internet...reading statements by various artists I admire. Again and again I turn to Yamamoto. Each time I see his work I am in awe of his talent, his way of being, his world. His photographs stir something inside of me that I can't completely identify. Maybe I see myself in them. Perhaps my family, a memory I have, or a dream...

Here's a video I found of Yamamoto describing his work and little about his process.
(images from here)

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michael.austin.diaz said...

Is this statement for an application? I started to get serious about mine this week and it is a bit overwhelming. Hang it there Nina


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