Monday, August 16, 2010

An Experiment

So Chaz and I have started a year long experiment called, "Consumer Whore No More". For this experiment we have decided not buy anything new for the next year. This means no video games, movies, CDs, clothes, shoes, home decor, etc. We started this experiment for a few reasons. First of all we want to see if we can actually do it but really we want to start appreciating the things we already have and to start saving more money while living less frivolously. In addition to not buying anything new we've also limited the amount of times we can eat out (which is the difficult part, for me at least). Here are the rules we made up:

What is NOT Allowed
-No new items

What is Allowed
-Groceries (we might invest in a CSA share this fall)
-Items required for school and/or artistic endeavors
-Gifts for others & each other (such as birthdays and Christmas)
-Accepting gifts from others & each other
-Eating out
Chaz - 18x per year
Chaz & Nina - 12x per year
Nina - 12x per year
-Thrift store/ 2nd hand
-Pet items as needed
-Important Home Improvements
-Preexisting magazine or online subscriptions but no re-subscribing once expired
-Recreational activities, such as the movies or bowling
-Garden supplies
-Anything that is not frivolous, unnecessary, or junk.

So, over the next couple months or so I might limit myself on how much time I spend on the internet since most of my time is spent looking at fashion/style blogs or on-line window shopping. It's probably best I don't tempt myself or make myself depressed. But overall I think we can do it and that this experiment will be good for us.

Wish us Luck!


aoiwowie said...

Good luck! You can do it, especially since second-hand is in.

Lexie, Little Boat said...

i am in the middle of something similar to this -- i only buy one new clothing item a month. i didnt really think about factoring in books/cds/etc because i am in college and barely have funds for those anyway!

good luck on your experiment! watch out for second hand though. salvation army & goodwill can be a little pricey sometimes (I'm not kidding! $30.00 for a used bookshelf? no way).

Anonymous said...

Let your boyfriend play EVE online!


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