Monday, August 23, 2010

a preview

Here is a new piece I've been working on for an exhibition in Oct. Sending out photos and a bio for cards and advertisements today. Pretty exciting and a little scary. Mostly exciting, though.


Christopher said...

Hey Nina, these look great! Please put everything up so us that can't make dat show can see your work.


nina said...

sure thing!

Reginasaurus said...

I love that, Nina! Do you ever sell your work? And you need to post about the exhibition and I'll tell Will to go!

nina said...

stephanie, yes, i've sold a few pieces in the past and all my stuff will be for sale at the show in oct. i'll def post a flyer for the show later on. and yeah, get will to come and any other charleston friends you have.

lauren carney said...

ooh laa laa!
your blog makes my insides happy!
the pretty pictures are so grand!
how splendid indeed! x x


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