Friday, October 7, 2011

A box.

Here are some shots of something new I'm playing with. For my show in Nov I'm creating box miniatures. I recovered a jewelery box with a vintage book cover that I stripped and relined the inside with a vintage handkerchief. I'm still playing around with the objects that will go inside the box. I love it though. I've been carrying around the box in my purse and taking it out once in while to look at it. I plan on creating a whole series of these and hopefully I'll be able to sell them online...another thing I'm thinking about doing. But more on that a different time. Each box will be unique and house various found objects, insects and tiny versions of my photographs. I'm so excited about it.


zoe dawn jane said...

nina i loooove your art!! i wish i
could go to one of your exhibitions!
you're so inspiring! please sell
these little boxes online, i would
love to have one!

nina said...

thank you so much zoe!


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